Natural Stone Rosary - Red Adventurine and Gold Handmade Rosary, Traditional Rosary


This gorgeous rosary is carefully handcrafted with 6mm Red Adventurine stone beads. Please note that “Red” is a little bit of a misnomer as these beads are closer to orange, but the gemstone is named “Red Adventurine.” The ‘Lord’s Prayer’ beads are accented with gold-plated beadcaps. A 1 inch simple and lovely gold finished image of Mary serves as the centerpiece. Completing the rosary is a 1.5 inch crucifix featuring the cross of St. Benedict.

This is a traditional 5 decade rosary. The main loop is approximately 26 inches (66cm) and will fit over most heads. It does not have a clasp.

If the rosary is to be worn, please measure before buying to ensure it will fit as desired.

Thick sturdy wire is carefully twisted into tightly closed loops to make a rosary that will withstand regular use. For the best care of your rosary, please keep it in its bag or box when not in use.

This is not a toy and is not intended for use by children under 3 years old. Some beads can be harmful if ingested and can pose a choking risk if swallowed. Please do not allow your child (or anyone else) to place any part of this item in their mouth. Children under 12 years old should only use with adult supervision.

We work very hard to ensure all of our items are high quality to last for years to come. If you find a problem with your piece please contact us right away so we can replace, repair, or refund as necessary.

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